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Welcome to the central Jersey location for Tygon Martial Arts, an organization that is dedicated to teaching people of all ages the joy and discipline of one of the most well known and respected martial arts. Since Taekwondo literally translates to ‘The way of the hand and foot’, we feel that the only correct way to learn is to train in a balanced way of fighting that does not neglect any aspect of your body or mind. You will be pushed hard physically and mentally, but you will be supported by friendly staff and a close knit group of students. Please call us or stop in and try a free lesson to see if you would fit in as a member of our family.

Dedicated Instructor

Starting any new journey can be intimidating and many people don’t take that first step due to fear. Let our friendly and dedicated staff help you make the move to get in shape and in control of yourself.

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What You Will Learn

A major part of all martial arts is the need to bring your body to a high physical peak and Taekwondo is no exception. It does not matter where you start, we can help you hone your endurance and skill. It may seem impossible now, but with a bit of time and dedication, you too can be fast enough to throw spinning back kicks and flexible enough to do a full split! If your goal is to get in shape or get more flexible, we can help!!

Free Introductory Class

We don’t expect you to take our word for how much of an impact on your life Taekwondo will have, so we are offering free introductory classes for adults and children. Please contact us for the best time to come in!

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Great For Kids

With a great many tugs on a child’s attention coming from games, TV, social media, and the like, it is important to teach children the art of patience, self discipline, and inner strength. Training for a martial art can focus the mind and help in school as well as other aspects of life.

It is amazing what a trained person can do and nothing is more iconic than the breaking of boards. With proper training and mental discipline, people of all physical abilities can break multiple boards and this is a well known part of Taekwondo. While it is just one small part of what we do, we can help you learn how if this is a goal of yours.



2701 Bridge Ave

Point Pleasant NJ 08742

Great For Adults

We understand that the stress and monotony of the world can take its toll on us as we age and working out is often the last thing we want to do after a hard week. Instead of looking for motivation at the gym, come learn a martial art that will not only get you in shape, but help you discover a passion that you never knew you had. You are never too old and it is never to late to start!

Taekwondo was created to be a fighting form and we keep that spirit in our training. While we emphatically believe that the best defense is to not be in a difficult situation or to remove oneself immediately from danger, we do teach proper self defense and sparring. Both adults and children learn and use fighting techniques in full contact sparring. If learning self defense and confidence in a fight is your goal, we can help you with that as well!

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